Immutable Ramblings: September 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's in your bag?

My husband is always making fun of me saying that "I carry my life on my shoulders", he always anticipates that in my bag, he'll find everything and anything he needs at any given moment or time. In the event that his request is not met with a "smart reply" of "here you go" he's instantly stunned, "so if you don't have that in your bag, what do you have or, you have this but don't have that?" It's a fun loving joke, but since then I'm tamed down my assortment of things that I carry in my "handbag", don't ask why my kids call me the bag lady!

I'd like to think that I am a walking, talking advertisement for the things I hope to achieve and attain, when I say that I don't just mean in my personal business, but in my personal life as well. I've been asked to share what's in my bag, now if I shared everything, You'd wonder how in the world I don't have a hunchback or even how it is that I'm still standing, so I chose selectively.

I'll start by sharing a sneak peek inside the mark Color Pop bag, the bag is a monumental statement all on it's own because I am a very plain Jane type of girl, strictly monotone colors, nothing that stands out, but I thought that this season was the appropriate season for change, change within myself, changing of my goals and change because I finally took a leap of faith with color. The reviews of this change? "I love that bag, I'm surprised that you're carrying it, but it looks great on you". Yes, that was a response from the woman that knows where I stand when it comes to fashion and standing out, my mother.

As I spill out the contents of my bag, please bear in mind that one thing that I never can achieve but long to obtain is organization, so the contents of my bag are 1, organized or 2, a key to becoming organized.
The first thing I'm going to share is of course what? My mark business, I carry it in my bag, because as in order to achieve it, you've got to believe it, I'm that advertisement you'd love to hate and I've got to produce results at any given moment, "I love that bag", "Why thank you, it's the mark Color pop bag", "What's mark?", "You're not familiar, well let me introduce you, here's my card and a maglog, lets get in touch", as I exit the elevator! Okay, so it hasn't been done quite that way, but hey, it COULD happen.

Since it is now established that I am certified mark lover and representative, I'm also a mom, a mom who loves to be trendy, look good and be organized and I cannot achieve that without the items to follow:

This right here is best invention for any mom on the go, it's my momAgenda mini daily, this is my key to organizing all of my children's information, appointments and contacts in one pretty location. So at any given time I'll know what needs to be done or when we need to be there for any one of my 4 children. I am nothing without this organizational tool, the only thing that is imperative is that you keep it current and you refer to it often. Organized scheduling is a must when you're a busy mom on the go, who works a full-time job, own your own business, have four kids all in different schools, attend college and volunteer with Girl Scouts. Enough said!

Seeing as though I do tend to get scatterbrained and from time to time I could use a outlet, some time ago, I used to run to a long time favorite, which I am proud to say that the smoke went out over 2 years ago, but since I'm working on being around for some time, raising healthy children while keeping and maintaining my sanity, I've opted to express myself through journaling, I also carry a reminder of why I do what I do and why I need to decompress. I carry a personalized journal in my handbag. This journal is of amazing quality, it comes from Paper Coterie, and it only cost me the price of shipping & handling (sorry, promotion now over), but even without the promotion the book sells for $15 and the quality and personalization is definitely worth it.

The last items I'm going to share are those that keep me looking and feeling fresh and "beautiful" at all times. Every woman has their selection of beauty products and since I'm a mark rep, by default the majority of what I use is from mark, I'm not sorry, in my bag I carry this small make up bag filled with 3 mark hook-ups, these hook-ups are two scentsational hook ups filled with marks latest fragrances and then of course... the third hook-up is what I love to call my "lip juice", it not only keeps my lips moisturized but it keep my look refreshed and vibrant all day. It's mark glow baby glow luxe in Choco and mark mini mark it hook-up stick for lips in Cocoa. I love it because it's shiny, it sparkles, and it's perfect for any occasion.

I'm sure its evident by now that I'm a fanatic, but its not just about what I sell, its about what I love, I love my family, I love my sanity and I love making my mark, now that I've shared what's in my bag... What's in your bag?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aetna Healthy Food Fight

If there is one thing that I struggle with it’s my weight and the balance between healthy living/eating. I have a very hustle and bustle type of family, which makes for very frivolous eating.  You see my husband is naturally tall and slender, he can eat anything he wants, whenever he wants, including his favorite meal, DESSERT and his body is not affected. I don’t have that same make-up. With him as our fearless leader and meal decision maker, getting my family to try new things and join me in my desired lifestyle changes is a major challenge.  Luckily, I’ve teamed up with SheSpeaks and Aenta Healthy Food Fight to share (learn) and spread the word about healthy eating and living across America.


Aetna is the Nation’s leading provider of health benefits and they believe that they can help make a better healthcare system; it is because of this goal that they’ve begun this Healthy Food Fight and they provided many different opportunities for you to get involved and even win a little or A LOT:

Do you cook? Do you prepare delicious and healthy meals for your family? Then you’ll want to submit your recipe for your chance to win up to $10,000 worth of groceries donated by, grand prize winner gets to fly to NY and cook with Bobby Flay. (See Aetna’s Healthy Food Fight website for further details and information.)

So you don’t cook? Or you’re like me, when it comes to cooking healthy you draw a blank? Why not help the Healthy Food Fight decide who will qualify to feature in the live semi-finals, and pick up some healthy recipes while you’re there.
 I get it, you’re feeling left out, want your chance to win? Enter in the sweepstakes for YOUR chance to win a set of Circulon® gourmet cookware donated by Meyer Corporation, U.S.
But it doesn’t stop there; Bobby Flay has joined the fight alongside of Aetna’s nutritionists, they’re sharing healthy cooking and eating tips. You can visit Bobby’s Healthy Test Kitchen where he’ll share with you recipes, 10 second cooking and eating tips and so much more.

I’m really looking forward to learning new ways to incorporate healthy eating, cooking and living into my family’s routine, and if I learn enough, I might just submit my own recipe into the contest. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be trying and sharing new recipes with each of you, I encourage all of you try something different, and if you have the same problem as I do, you don’t have to tell them its healthy!


*While my participation in this event via this post is sponsored, all the thoughts shared are my own.*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm learning Self-Talk

I've learned that in life there are many opportunities available to me, if I can think it, if I see it, I can achieve it. But in order to achieve any goal or obtain any opportunity, I have to believe that the opportunity is right for me, I have to believe in myself and have the confidence to "expose" myself. You're probably scratching your head, wondering, "what is she talking about?", what I am referring to is the thoughts I've been thinking, the conversations I have in my mind that make me back away from an opportunity. What are opportunities, opportunities are job opportunities, education opportunities, writing opportunities, business expansion opportunities, creative opportunities, weight-goal achievement opportunities, you see, everything you encounter is an opportunity.

The #1 reason I don't achieve my goals is discipline, but with discipline comes my self-talk, self-talk can either make or break you. My self-talk tells me so many things, like you can't do, you don't qualify, you don't have the nerve, she won't talk to you, you can't complete this task,  you're not pretty enough, and without fail, I listen and I give up on my goal, no matter how large or small it is. Its that negative voice inside me that makes me back down and take the back seat to my life. 

I'm writing today to #1 call my negative self-talk out of the darkness and bring it into the daylight, but not just for me, but for each and everyone of you who have talked yourself down or out of a situation, opportunity,  or shoot an outfit! The only way to achieve is to believe. Believe in yourself, teach yourself to love yourself, respect yourself and get rid of that negativity that speaks volumes in your mind, because the only person who is affected by it, is you! So stop with the negative comments, the tears, the anxiety, start pumping yourself up! 

Today I'm hearing " Gosh Rose, you are a fantastic writer, people are going to be interested and inspired by your content", and there's that small voice that says, no one will like it, don't write about that, who is going to want to read your post, and I'm telling that girl to BE QUIET!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bzzz Agent: Buckyballs

I've been a member of BzzAgent for a while, but I haven't had the opportunity to actually be in too many campaigns. BzzAgent is a lot like many of the other programs I've written about in the past, you sample products at a discount or free and provide feedback. Well I saw that BzzAgent being advertised for this Puzzle/Game called BuckyBalls. I'd love to try it, my family is very interested in games and being able to create things, I know that this is one item that wouldn't just sit and be wasted. For endless/mindless entertainment, my family and I would love to be selected for this campaign.

You should visit BzzAgent and sign up for your opportunity to be a part of the Bzz Campaigns they have to offer!

Be Inspired to Create, "WRITEITDOWN", Shop Paper Coterie

I'm always on the hunt and search for a quality company. When I say quality, I mean they put their customers as a top priority while providing them with innovative, quality crafted products. I don't know how or when I've come across them at this point, but Paper Coterie, definitely fits the bill!

One of my many Paper Coterie Journals

Paper Coterie is known for rewarding their customers with $40 credits for items in their online store, and only asking that you pay the price of shipping. So what is in their store you ask?  Paper Coterie has a product line of customizable photo books, calendars, posters, desktop sentiments, growth charts, they also have recipe books, a program called prompt me (I'll share my experience with this one when its complete) and journals.

Youngest and "mommom"
Featuring the ones I carried...
Anyone that knows me well will tell you that I'm a sucker for anything "labeled" Journal, there is nothing more appealing to me that a fresh journal full of opportunity, opportunity to express myself in any way, shape or form. I've used journals for many, many years to create memories, poetry, vent, and just to take notes. So what "prompted" this post was the fact that Paper Coterie is at it, yet again: Their offering all of their customers both new and old the opportunity to do just that, express themselves, get involved and in tune with their hearts, minds and imagination while encouraging you to WRITEITDOWN!  
For a limited time only through Wednesday, September 21st, 2011, Paper Coterie wants you to use the code: WRITEITDOWN to receive a free personalized photo journal, by paying only the cost of shipping & handling. (I live in Virginia and it cost me a little over $9.00 to ship.) There are over 70+ designs to choose from and you're not limited to which one you can choose for this promo, which I love!

So go on over, check them out, you'll be surprised by the infinite possibilities.

"Paper Coterie, Be Inspired to Create, Shop Paper Coterie"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Downy UNSTOPABLES™ In Wash Scent Booster

Downy says:

You love the softness of Downy. Now add the feisty freshness of new Downy UNSTOPABLES, an in wash scent booster that goes beyond everyday freshness to keep active wear, towels, and other fabrics smelling “wow” right up until the next wash. So every day, you can indulge in the freshness you crave. Just pick a scent below. Then see how to use UNSTOPABLES—and what makes it so fresh, easy, and fun.

I'm married with 4 children, my children aren't always the most conscious little people, sometimes they leave their clothes piled up behind the bathroom door, wet towels bundled in between then and occasionally I'll find a very crunchy washcloth in the midst of it all, and they ask, I don't know how that go there. The problem with this is that when you leave things sitting bunched up, piled up in a corner and its wet, it tends to get a funny smell, you know that smell, like mildew. It almost seems like once that smell gets "infested" in your towels, it lasts forever. I've thrown away plenty of towels because of that fact.

So when Vocal Point offered the opportunity to receive a sample of Downy Unstopables I jumped on the opportunity. Vocal Point has a program called "try and tells" meaning you try something for free or at a discounted price and then you share your opinion, share it with your friend on different social networks. Usually with their try and tells, they give you coupons to redeem for the product, coupons to share or you'll get the item sample and coupons to boot.

Downy Unstopables are little dissolving scent beads that you throw in at the beginning of your wash, as these scent beads dissolve to give your laundry a refreshing scent boost that is said to last for at least 30 days. I thought what better time to try Downy Unstopables in "Fresh" scent, than when my laundry could use a boost most? I'm definitely putting Downy Unstopables up to a big challenge. I tore open the packet, and dumped it in as instructed, I filled it up with water, added my detergent, added my towels and shut the lid.

Now, I tend to do laundry between the hours of 10pm (before bed) and when I get up in morning (6am), so they went in the wash in the evening and I took them out in the morning. I was a little weary of doing this, but I've got to tell you the honest truth, Downy Unstoppables had proven their point! The load couldn't have smelled better, it was refreshing, it was clean, but most importantly, no mildewy smell came from the towel or the washer! I can't really describe the scent, but its like Downy Says "A fresh, feisty scent that just won't quit".

Granted it does still have to surpass the dryer challenge, which I'll not be able to determine the results of that until this evening when I get home, but if it passed the wet towel challenge coming out, then I'm fairly certain, my towels will be fresher than ever. I think its now time to get me a full-sized bottle.

Now don't just take MY word for it, visit Downy for more information: Downy or see what others are saying on Vocal Point, and go out and get yourself your own bottle and "Take a Whiff"... You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the winner is....

A winner for the mark Lash All You Want Giveaway has been chosen...


lilshuga2001 congratulations!

See what she said below....

~*~lilshuga2001~*~ said...
OMG~ I am ur 11th follower~ and 11 is my lucky # so I know I am going to win now !:) Thanks for the chance !:)