Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love You Monday! #MondayAppreciation

Honestly, life is so full of surprises. You make decisions based on the here and now, and sometimes those very decisions come back to bite you later. You can't be that surprised if you had a hand in it, can you? I know that I am rambling and to you, it's probably only makes half a bit of sense as it does in my head, but life as we know it is changing. There is a path, a journey for each and every one of us, no matter the course you think you've mapped out, there is one that you will follow, one that is already mapped out for you, you just don't know it yet. My change is coming, sooner than anticipated, and I'll admit, I'm terrified. But I can't, I don't have time to dwell on that fear of uncertainty, I've got to continue to steer the course, and appreciate what I have right now, here in, today.

Monday Appreciation:

As my little one stares out the window, she expresses her desire to find the kitten outside so she can say hello to him. Through her eyes I see her untainted innocence, her immeasurable curiosity, and I am instantly reminded to just smile and appreciate life for even the simplest of things.

This smile though. To me there is nothing more amazing than waking up and seeing this smile, this beautiful little girl looks just as beautiful as when she went to bed. She's got an amazing, loving personality, and those smiles keep me grounded.

 Morning Cuddles and giggles really get the day started off on a positive, happy note! There's nothing I appreciate more than being able to capture the happiness I feel.

 I am useless without the blessing of sight! I am so grateful that even though I am "blind" that with the use of tools, I can see all of the beautiful things in my life.

Olive oil, the taste, the flavor it brings to my cooking, my food, awakens my taste buds in a way that I thoroughly enjoy! Plus, I LOVE this bottle, it dispenses perfectly! Best BUY ever!

This literal blank page, an opportunity for inspiration, creativity, an page to be filled with my introspective thoughts, my feelings, and ideas. There is nothing more fabulous than the addition of a great pen!

A blank page. Monday's are a blank page, a clean slate, a fresh start, a new week, a new opportunity. How will you make it count?

Until Next Time,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crowdtap: Honeycomb Taste Test

Disclaimer: We received a free sample from Crowdtap in order to facilitate the taste test. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed are our own. 

My kids love the fact that I'm a blogger, it gives me exclusive access to some great products, samples, and freebies to share with them.

Crowdtap has been really good to use lately, we've got to try out some really great free samples, from paper towels to a taste test specifically for the kid! I couldn't let one have and not the other, so they shared.

For this "Sample & Share", they were to test out 3 different varieties of a new Honeycomb cereal and give their thoughts via a questionnaire, following specific instructions. We did this "experiment" right after school, because you know they're always hungry and looking for something to snack on.

1. Set up 3 bowls and 3 spoons, milk, three pouches of cereal, surveys and pen.

One by one, they were instructed to open the pouch, smell the Honeycombs, and then give their opinions on the smell, appearance and color on the corresponding survey.

Once the initial sniff test was complete, they then got to pour in the milk...

Let the Tasting Begin... Being sure to think about the Appearance, Smell, Taste, and overall Crunchiness as they're sampling the cereal.

I won't give everything away, but there was definitely ONE that they preferred, HANDS DOWN of the three, sample # 463!

Please Note: These are not paid actresses, they're my real children, they do it for the love of FOOD!

Until Next Time,

Let's Go To France! #BBWInsider

Disclaimer: I received free product samples as a #BBWInsider in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are in fact my own. No other compensation was received.

I used to dream of visiting France. When I think about France, I envision a little bit peace, calm, tranquility, beauty and romance. If I were a french woman, my name would be Belle Etoile Durand and I'd live in the countryside, where I could enjoy life's most simplest pleasures in my blooming garden where I'd take in the sunshine and sip on my tea and watch the sunset.

  About the Collection: "Bonjour, mes amis! We’re taking you to the rolling hills & quaint markets of Provence with NEW fragrances from the French countryside! We’ve created a collection of NEW fragrances for your body, hands & home inspired by the sun-drenched lavender fields, lush vineyards & rich, golden honey of the south of France — and we can’t wait for you to fall in love with them!" 

What a luscious, pleasantly rich collection. I already love the smell of lavender, because it truly relaxes and soothes you, a true form of aromatherapy. I don't normally appreciate scents that have honey in them, I find that the smell becomes overwhelming and it is 9 times out of 10, very poorly imitated. However, I was completely surprised that I enjoyed the French Lavender and Honey, the two scents together had just the right balance. It was very soft, subtle and sweet (but not overly sweet), you smell the lavender more when applied than you do right in the bottle. The French Lavender and Honey body lotion contains Shea & Vitamin E, the consistency was thick, creamy, and it left my skin feeling completely silky.


This collection comes in 3 additional scents: Apricot & Honey, Almond & Honey, and Wild Iris & Honey.

Check out the collection here online at Bath & Body Works!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY Easter Basket Treat Bags #TBCcrafters

I love when inspiration strikes, it takes your focus and turns it into something totally different.  I had no idea what to craft this week, I knew I wanted to create something with an Easter theme for my little one, but I didn't know what. After searching through my craft supplies, recyclables, and the like, I came up with something completely adorable and totally all my own.

DIY Easter Basket Treat Bags


Kraft Bags
Green Tissue Paper
Stamps/Ink (optional)
Glue Dots (variety)
Washi Tape
Jute Twine
Easter Treats


1. Using a cup, determine how high you want your "handle" to go and trace the curve onto the kraft bag.

2. Cut out the curve you just traced. Mark where you want the bag opening to begin on the bag, then using your judgment, cut out the interior portion to create the handle.

3. Once your handle is cut, you'll notice the sides have their own "handle", trim it away from the bag, down to where the side meets the opening of the "basket". Set aside.


4. Cut a rectangle piece of green tissue paper (repurposed tissue in use here) and fold in half. Cut slices into the fold.

5. Decorate your bag using embellishments/stamps.

6. Using glue dots (I used glue lines) adhere the "grass" on the inside of the front and back of the bag (as high or low as you desire). Then fluff grass to give it that rough, rugged, realistic appearance. Set aside.

7. To create the Washi Flag, grab a toothpick, washi tape, and scissors. Pull the desired amount of washi tape out and set the toothpick in the middle, fold the washi tape over so both sticky sides meet.

8. If desired, gently fold the flag long ways inward and at an angle snip the corner in an upward direction to create the triangle at the end. If desired, add a phrase or quote. Insert a glue dot into the crease of the bag, place flag on top of glue dot and press the sides together. Tie a bow around the flag using the jute twine for a fun added touch.

9. Add treats: The smaller the better!

There are so many different ways you can decorate these "Easter Baskets", with stamps, stencils and modeling paste, painting the bags, or even spray mists. Make it fun, make it your own.

Do you create treats for your family and friends for Easter?

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Learning is Fun! #WW

Making big strides to prove that learning is fun, workbooks and are our friends!

Until Next Time,